Accessible Garden Bed and Adjustable Hanging Basket

Figure 1: Garden bed, showing an open drawer that hold gardening tools.

A garden bed that allows wheelchair users to access the plants. And a planter on a pulley system that can be lowered for wheelchair users to water the plants.

EMOD: Electronic Medication Organizer and Dispenser

Figure 1: Front View of EMOD. The Pill Dispenser is on the right with its lid open. The Pill Loader and Pill Cutter are on top of the dispenser, and the mounting stand is on the left.

A custom pill dispenser designed to give people with disabilities independence when managing complicated pill schedules, while at the same time also reducing the risk of incorrect dosage organization and consumption.

The Personal Attendant Call: Improved communication between patient and attendant

Figure 4. The Personal Attendant Call – attendant and patient unit

A personal attendent call that is simple to use, and conveys one of three different messages to the aide.