Extraordinary Candles

Figure 2: photo of the wax dispenser

A set of devices that allows our client to make candles independently, and improves the consistency and quality of the candles. These are wax candles inside a square glass container.

Assistive Technology for the Improvement of Heat Shrink Wrapping

Figure 2: Client using the heat shrink machine

A device to facilitate the use of a commercial heat shrink wrapping machine at work, for clients who are seated in a wheelchair or have poor motor control.

Assistive Technology for Box Assembly and Channel Tube Production

Figure 2: The box folding device, with a folded box in the background

Several devices that enable individuals with disabilities to perform their assigned jobs at work. One device helps an individual perform a box folding task by reducing the number of steps required. Another device helps an individual perform a tape cutting task using a custom turntable and a rotary blade from a paper cutter.

On-Task Timer: An Electronic Scheduling Tool for an Employee with Autism

Figure 1a: The On Task Timer consists of an iPod Touch inside a custom case that attaches to the user’s arm and provides a vibration alarm

A scheduling tool for people with autism, based on the iPod Touch or iPhone

Time Card Packaging System

Figure 2a: The client using the Time Card Packaging System: she has loaded the papers and the Ziploc bag onto the device and starts sliding the papers into the bag

A packaging system for Goodwill Industries, which enables the user to assemble and slide a set of documents into a Ziploc bag.

Switch Relay

Figure 1. The switch relay device is attached to a PC and to a communication device. The client can use the same switch to activate the device or toggle control between the two devices.

A device that gives clients control over two different switch-activated devices using only one switch

Ziploc Bag Management System: JAWS

Figure 1. Side View of JAWS device.

A packaging system for Goodwill Industries, which enables the user to assembly and slide a set of documents into a Ziploc bag. This project was updated in 2010 as “Time Card Packaging System”

One-Handed Nailset And Chisel

Figure 2. The completed device, where the custom nailset tip is at the bottom right.

A nailset and chisel that the client can operate with one hand. The design is based on modifications to a commercial staple gun.

Small Item Counter

Fig.1 Small Item Counter Device

A counting device that helps employees keep track of how many items they are assembling for packaging.

Counter Revolution: The Audible Counter

Figure 1. The Audible Counter

A “talking” counter that, for each press of a button, counts up by one and announces the current count. This helps employees keep track of the work that they have accomplished.