Ziploc Bag Management System: JAWS

Figure 1. Side View of JAWS device.

A packaging system for Goodwill Industries, which enables the user to assembly and slide a set of documents into a Ziploc bag. This project was updated in 2010 as “Time Card Packaging System”

One-Handed Nailset And Chisel

Figure 2. The completed device, where the custom nailset tip is at the bottom right.

A nailset and chisel that the client can operate with one hand. The design is based on modifications to a commercial staple gun.

Flow-Controlled Sports Bottle

Figure 1. Client with flow-controlled sports bottle

A two-cup system that limits the amount of fluid that the user consumes. This prevents the client, who has traumatic brain injury, from taking in too much fluid at once and choking.

Electronically Actuated Lazy Susan

Figure 1. Client using the Lazy Susan.

A motorized lazy Susan. When the client presses a switch, it rotates 1/4 or 1/2 turn to present the client with the next item of interest.