C-PAD: Audible item counter for vocational training

Figure 1: Client Using C-Pad

This counter is designed to introduce students to the process of template counting utilized by many vocational sites, as well as increase their personal understanding of numbers. As the user places a “widget” on the template, it provides them with the current count.

Assistive Play Station

Figure 1: Client using the Play Station device, mounted to his wheelchair

This Play Station enables the client, who is four years old, to play by himself, exploring different textures, both in the classroom and while he stays with his mother at work. Since the client has visual impairments, the Assistive Play Station is designed to provide him with auditory stimuli and provide physical therapy by strengthening movement in his arms, especially his left hand.

Moveable Arm Support

Figures 1a and b: When the client kicks out his right foot, the device lifts his right arm. When the client kicks out both feet, the device lifts both arms. This allows him to easily control the lifting of his arms for eating, reading, and other everyday tasks.

This device is a pulley system that enables an adult with peripheral neuromuscular disease to lift his arms by kicking out his legs. This is used in conjunction with his wheelchair to aid in eating and other tasks.

Walker Monitor

Figure 1: Client with Walker Monitor

Users of rolling walkers who have Parkinson’s disease sometimes experience “freezing of gait” episodes in which a loss of balance causes serious injury when operating a walker. This device alerts the user at the onset of an episode, helping them to “break the freeze” and maintain their balance.

T.O.Y.S.: Technology to Offer Youth Self-reliance

Figure 1b: the Connect Four adaptation.

These assistive devices enable our client to blow bubbles and play the game of Connect Four. This enables our client to interact with other children during leisure time, while helping to improve strength and motor control.

Sight n’ Sound Shower Timer (SSS Timer)

Figure 1: SSS Timer with 4 minutes, 9 seconds remaining on task 1. The circular lights show the relative time remaining. The illuminated square shows the current task. Icons can be printed on transparencies and placed over the 8 squares to illustrate each of the tasks.

The SSS Timer is a multi-step programmable timer to help the user transition through a series of tasks at the appropriate times.