Custom Tricycle Braking System

Figure 2: client riding the custom tricycle

A custom braking system that allows a client with cerebral palsy to activate her tricycle brakes independently. She does this by rotating a braking bar that is attached to her handlebars.

See Me Move and Groove

(b) a close up of the mirror (bottom right), electroluminescent wires (top left), and shaking toy (center).

A device to provide a stimulate a client’s vision and hearing, in response to a switch press.

Locker Assist

Figure 2: The client places a book on the locker assist flap, and then rotates it to a vertical position.

A sliding shelf that enables a teen with cerebral palsy to access her school locker independently.

Arm Strengthening Device for Tots

Figure 1: Arm strengthening device with round (red) and square (green) handles

A fun activity that helps the client build upper body strength. When the client pushes two rods into fitted holes on either end of a school bus toy, it plays a song.