On-Task Timer: An Electronic Scheduling Tool for an Employee with Autism

Figure 1a: The On Task Timer consists of an iPod Touch inside a custom case that attaches to the user’s arm and provides a vibration alarm

A scheduling tool for people with autism, based on the iPod Touch or iPhone

Lift Me Up

Figure 1: The Lift Me Up device, with the platform about half way between its highest and lowest positions.

A device to enable a child to easily transfer from her wheelchair to the floor

Wheelchair Accessible Motion Simulator

Figure 1: Side view of the Wheelchair Accessible Motion Simulator

This is a fun device that enables the clients to experience motion. The teacher or aide pushes the wheelchair onto the platform, and using a joystick control, rocks the user in any direction.

Time Card Packaging System

Figure 2a: The client using the Time Card Packaging System: she has loaded the papers and the Ziploc bag onto the device and starts sliding the papers into the bag

A packaging system for Goodwill Industries, which enables the user to assemble and slide a set of documents into a Ziploc bag.