Sonic Doohicky

Figure 1: The Sonic Doohickey scooter chair.

A Scooting Device for a Child with Muscle Weakness.

Omni-Accessible Playground Equipment

Figure 1: The base of the device, showing one set of wheels and axle and the almond-shaped tracks.

A wheelchair accessible glider that motivates a young girl and her peers to play together on the playground.

Hot Wheels

Figure 2: Client using the Hot Wheels device. The device is currently playing a “fireworks” video and a song as the client is walking.

A motivational device to encourage a young girl to use her gait trainer.


Figure 1: The Boxxy device with four of the shapes. When the device detects a shape going down the slide, it illuminates the appropriate icon on the back panel. The shape then slides out of the slot on the front edge.

A fun, electronic “put-in” device that incorporates positive feedback so that the client can play with the device with minimal assistance from therapists or caregivers.