Kneed4Speed device with legs in the downward position

A continuous passive motion device for knee rehabilitation that can be used in a seated position

Kitchen Aid

The Kitchen Aid device

A custom chair for use in the kitchen to enable access to both higher areas, such as counters and low areas, such as shelves or appliances.

Floating Pedal System

Client using the floating pedal system

A device for drum player who has a spinal cord injury, enabling him to play the bass drum with his arms.


Client using the UMassage

A self massage device for a client with fibromyalgia


Figure 1: The Boxxy device with four of the shapes. When the device detects a shape going down the slide, it illuminates the appropriate icon on the back panel. The shape then slides out of the slot on the front edge.

A fun, electronic “put-in” device that incorporates positive feedback so that the client can play with the device with minimal assistance from therapists or caregivers.

The Final Stretch

Figure 1: The Final Stretch device. In this view, the head would rest on the left and the torso to the right, and the winch lever arm is positioned for left handed operation to crank the right arm back.

A device to help patients in the Burn Center at UNC to perform stretching exercises. This will help to increase and maintain their range of motion in their shoulder joint.

One Leg Up

Figure 2: The client using the One Leg Up device to perform her leg exercises.

A device to enable an adult with Multiple Sclerosis to perform leg stretching exercises at home.


Photo of the Alphabraille device

A fun electronic toy that helps children learn Braille and phonics

View It Display Stand

Figure 2: The client using the View It stand to draw.

A portable display stand for a boy with visual impairments, so that he can read and write at a close distance from the page while maintaining an upright posture.

Lift Me Up

Figure 1: The Lift Me Up device, with the platform about half way between its highest and lowest positions.

A device to enable a child to easily transfer from her wheelchair to the floor